Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Mornng Update...

Mom just called me and said the doc was in. He said dad's blood cultures came back positive, which means he has a bacterial infection in his blood. Doc stopped the other antibiotic he was giving him, and put him on a different one. Doc said he may get a fever again, but that's b/c of switching the meds... He is too take it for 2 weeks, either through IV or oral. Yes, you read right, IV, which means, he has to stay there. Doc said he could be in for 2 days, 5 days, or the 2 weeks, he wasn't sure. The GI Doc will be in tomorrow to tell them more info, as far as how do they tell when he can go home, if he can... The Doc also said it very well could be the stent that moved and caused his jaundice to come back, but again, they will know more tomorrow.
They put a morphine pump in dad, so he can give it to himself every 10 minutes or as needed. Mom said they put it in at 5 am and as of 8:30, he only gave it to himself 3 times.
The nurse said dad needs to get up and walk. They recommend that he gets up goes sits in a chair to eat all meals, then take a walk after he is done. They said, if you can't take a walk after you're done eating, then rest for a while and go a little later. Dad isn't dizzy anymore, so he should be able to do it. He is no longer on the liquid diet.
Going to be leaving after church. Will come home and eat some lunch, then pack up and leave. Will post again when I get there, unless I hear from them again before I leave.
Thank you so much for all your prayers! Actually, thank you just doesn't quite cover it. I feel like I am repeating myself by saying it, but we truly are so thankful for all your prayers!


Jena said...

Saying prayers for your family and a stress-free, safe trip to Indiana. Wish I could come there and babysit your kids for you :( Love you all! -Jena

The Harrington Family said...

Hope you have a safe trip...still praying! Thanks for the updates.