Thursday, August 27, 2009


Made pancakes the other nite for supper and I put blueberries in all of them. Most of the time I will put blueberries in half and leave the other half plain, or sprinkle some sprinkles on them for the kids.
Gavin kept asking for more, then he said, I want a blind one.
I said, what?
Gavin said I want a blind pancake mom.
I said do you mean a plain one without any blueberries?
He said yep.
I said well bubby, I don't have any plain ones this time.
Gavin said, well you need to make some blind ones next time!!! :O)
The kid cracks me up! Where did he get blind pancakes from???

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Martha said...

Enjoyed this post, Mandy. Your kids are so "spirited" and I guess it comes out in their language.