Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Letter from Mom and Dad

Just got this tonite... Praise God, He is soooo good!!!

Good evening to all....

We continually give thanks for all your prayers and support as we travel this road of cancer. We just returned from our visit at Goshen Center for Cancer Care and feel very encouraged. We first met with Dr. Pennington and he reported that Herms liver enzymes are still a little high for him to be in the clinical trial, but he was hopeful that they would continue to decrease. They are lower this blood test than the last one, so that is encouraging news. He wants to run a few more tests on the blood they took today and should know something by Monday. Dr. really wants to start 'something' within the next 2 weeks. He also said that the pet scan showed no surprises and that is GOOD NEWS. The cancer is in the pancreas and the liver, BUT, the liver is NOT in failure and has lots of GOOD tissue left...which is very encouraging. He said many times the cancer has already spread throughout other organs/tissue and then there is little time left. He also thought Herm looked much better this visit than the last one.

We also met with Pat Shoemaker, (PNI / Mind - Body Counselor), and Heather Paulson, (Naturopathic Resident). Both meetings were very helpful and offered lots of information, returning home with reading material and new supplements to take. Herm has lost 4 more pounds, so he is taking several new supplements to help build muscle mass, turn off weight loss signals, support liver function and help with weight gain. Hopefully, this will help and he will start to 'bulk up'

This Sunday will be another anointing service at Maplewood Mennonite. If you are in the area and would like to attend, we would love to have you be a part of this special service. Kris, Amy and the boys are driving to Indiana tonight and will be here until Monday. It will be nice to have them be a part of this anointing service. Mandy and the children were able to be here for the one on the 16th.

Hopefully, by Monday we will know what the plan of attack will be. Will keep you all posted.

Love and peace,
Herm and Carol

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