Saturday, August 8, 2009

He's in a room

Dad finally made it to a room and was eating some supper. (Funny thing about the room he is in... 285- When Bob was in, he was in room 283, we kept going into room 285 to see Bob, but it wasn't him! The guy would see us poke our heads around the corner and just point over to the next room!!! LOL- you had to be there!!! :OP) Well, his supper consisted of a Popsicle, beef broth an 7-Up. And i think some chicken broth. They are keeping him on a clear liquid diet incase they need to do anything. But mom was thinking they probably won't tonite. They are still waiting to see the doc. Mom asked the nurse if it could be the stent, and the nurse said it could be. She said they may even put in 2 stents to help it out. But she wasn't sure. So... As soon as I hear from mom about what the doc said, I'll post again...
Thanks for all your prayers!

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