Saturday, August 1, 2009

He's Home...

Dad got home on Friday about 2:30ish. They have an appointment with Dr Gize on Tuesday at 4:30 to find out what type of cancer he has. And what they can do or if they can do anything. If the docs don't give them any options, they will try some other alternatives. Mom did say Dr Gize did confirm that dad has stage 4 cancer, whatever kind it is.
We left mom and dad's about 4:20 to head up to Curt's parents campgrounds. Wanted to see some people and go to the evening service. So we finally left there about 11:00pm. Then we ended up stopping in Laurelville, PA where my mom's side of the family are having their reunion. We weren't going to stop, but we were there about 6:00am, and perfect timing to stop and let the kids get out and run and of course, EAT!!! :O) We weren't going to stay very long, but by the time we talked to everyone, the kids were having a blast too! So we stayed and left right after lunch. It was so good to see everyone and just talk! My Aunt Martha (my mom's sister) went through what we are going through right now. Her hubby, Uncle Eli had pancreatic cancer too. They told him 3 to 6 months and he lived 3 1/2 years after that. So it was nice to talk to her and her kids. They totally understand what we all are going through and how we feel! Sometimes you feel like crying your eyes out and saying this can't be, then the next you are ok talking about it and you know you can get through this! This is the time when there are only one set of footprints in the sand, God is carrying us all through this and He is the only one that can help us!
I feel bad that mom and dad are all alone now, but I also know that they need this time to themselves. My brother and his wife Amy left early this morning and also stopped off at the reunion to say hi. They are sad they had to leave too. We feel bad that mom and dad have to go through this alone, but yet they aren't. They have all your prayer support, which I don't know how to express my thanks for all your prayers! Plus God is with them, carrying them! I pray that the next couple of days go quickly for them and they are at peace with whatever Dr Gize will tell them! I pray that they can go about their day and not think or worry about what the future holds. I pray that for me too! My dad is a fighter and he will fight his way, no matter how hard!
Dad isn't taking any meds for his itch, which is great! He is still yellow, but looking better every day! I think mom said the doc said it could take up to 10 days to get rid of all the yellow. They will also replace the stent in his bile duct (SP?) every 6 to 8 weeks. If they don't, he will start to get yellow and itchy all over.
Dad is also taking 24mlg (Right?) of insulin every day. He is to check it I think before meals and then before bed. Mom said his sugar level was over 400 today, but that may be the IV still in his system. He had about 4 bags of that stuff while there, if not more. Plus it will take a while to get it in order with their diet. They plan on eating healthy like before, but making sure he gets protein that he needs. I got him a big jar of cashews and a peanut mixture before we left! :O)
My neighbor dropped off some info on cancer. Things they can do instead of the chemo and radiation if they choose not to do that.
So, that's about it. They both were really tired today, but they are able to sleep, which is great!
Will keep updating as I find out more! Thanks again for all your prayers, and visits! I know they really appreciate and couldn't get through this without all your support!

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Mindy said...

Mandy....thanks for the updates on your blog. We'll keep praying for your parents...and you!! Hang in there, and like you said, you're not in this alone!!!!