Friday, August 7, 2009

Goshen Cancer Center

Just got off the phone with my dad. They got an appointment to go to Goshen Cancer Center on Tuesday, the 11th. They are supposed to be there at 10:30, but they don't see the doc until 11:30. Dr Gize transferred all his paperwork, he just needs to go pick up a copy of his CT Scan and take that. The cool thing about this place is, they see the doc for an hour, so they get done with him at about 12:30, then then move onto a dietitian for an hour, so that makes it 1:30 by the time they are done with him/her. THEN they go see someone on mental health for an hour, then after that, they see another person for ANOTHER hour on spiritual health. How cool! He has an hour for each person! They should have a "game plan" (my dad's words ;oP) on what they will do after Tuesday. Talk about a looooong day, but atleast they will have more info on where to go from there. If you have a chance, you can google Goshen Cancer Center, I think it is They have a really cool website! They have some friends that have had family members go there and LOVED it! I am glad they are going there. They treat the whole body, not just the symptom!
They have some friends going over tonite. Their friends are bringing some supper, yummy! I should've headed out last nite so I could enjoy it too!!! LOL

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Martha said...

Thanks, once again, Mandy for your update. I am also very happy for their choice of Goshen Cancer Center. It's great you and the kids can spend some time in Indiana. Hope your trip goes well. ~Aunt Martha