Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do Not Fear

I love my kids, they say the cutest things at the right times!
Out of the mouth of Gavin, just out of the blue...

Do NOT fear, for I AM with you!!! Isiah 41:10

How true is that! No matter what we are going through, He is with us. When times are tough, we need to go to Him...

Go to Curt's blog ( about Max Lucado's new book that is coming out called Fearless.. I have yet to read it, but it looks like one of his best ones so far!

And for a little humor, yesterday coming back from the Cecil's, Kotah says, "Mom, I want to keep my hair like this."
Me:"Okay, that's fine."
Kotah:"Makenna says I look cute with my hair like this!" (As she is running her hands over her hair...)
Me:"Is that why you want to keep it short like that? Because Makenna said that?"
Kotah:"Yep!" With a HUGE smile on her face!!!! ;o)

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