Thursday, August 20, 2009


I totally forgot to update this!!! Guess leaving and driving, yeah, opps... ;o)

Dr. Pennington (dad's doc at Goshen Cancer Center) called him and told him his results of his blood work. Yes, the doctor called dad, not a nurse, but his doc. Dad was REALLY impressed that he made the call! Dr Pennington said that dad's jaundice was a little too high to do the clinical study, BUT he wants him to go in tomorrow and get more blood work. Plus he will get a PET scan and another CT scan done. We don't know if he will get the results from the PET and CT scan right away or not.
He does go back Wednesday to see the mental and spiritual counselor. He will also see Dr Pennington and prob get the results then if he doesn't sooner. Dr Pennington was pretty hopeful that his levels would be better by Friday so he could do the study.
Will update when I know more!

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