Saturday, August 8, 2009


Mom is on her way to the ER with Dad. Last nite when she got home from work, he said he wasn't feeling the greatest, he was on his chair all covered up. Then their friends showed up and mom took dad's temp, it was 104. The doc said if it ever got over 102 to call him. They prescribed an antibiotic and mom and all the girls went and got it. he is supposed to take that until it is completely gone. Then he had a little pain, I guess not bad, but enough to be bothersome. He slept on the couch and mom slept on the chair. Mom said he had the chills and then sweats during the nite too. She covered him up with about 3 blankets and laid next to him to try to warm him up. He got up a couple of times during the nite, and then at 5:30, he ate a little something to see if it would help the pain. He has had this pain once before and ate a little something and it helped. So, I guess they went back to sleep for a little, then she called me about 9ish to tell me how they were doing and that dad was in some pain and had a fever. I think his fever went away when she called me, but the pain was still there. It is under his rib cage.
So I got another call and she said she is on her way to the ER, dad's pain was a 7, so she said we are going. But when she told me that, dad pipes up and says it is unbearable (so as he is saying this, she went through a red light! ;o) shh... Don't tell her I told you all!!! ;o)) So I am not sure what the pain is, they aren't sure if maybe the stent moved, or what the pain is... Will update this as soon as I know... Depending on what it is, I may just leave tonite... Waiting to hear what's going on!

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