Friday, July 31, 2009


Dad is still in the hospital, waiting for his doc to release him. Hopefully before it gets to late!!! They took his IV out this morning. He had a doc come in and tell him that they made an appointment on Tuesday, not sure what time, to give him the results of his bio. Dad said, well, I already have one for Fri, but the doc said, that he was going to get him in on Tuesday, even if dad is his last patient. So, they will know Tuesday sometime what the bio said what they want to do or atleast talk about options.
Great news:
Mom "accidentally" was paying for cancer insurance... (I don't think it was an accident!) They found out recently that she was paying for it and just decided to keep it on. So, dad will be covered!!!! Praise God!!!!
We will be leaving to go up to the campgrounds and be there for the evening service. Not sure yet if we will leave from there to go home, or just wait until tomorrow. Will update this and let you all know when dad gets home and how he is doing!
Thanks for all your prayers!!!

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