Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Dad

So most of you know by reading my FB status that my dad has cancer on his pancreas. Or they are pretty sure of it. Last week my dad started getting yellow and really itchy, no rashes, so my mom was pretty sure it was internal. They said if he didn't get any better in a couple of days, they would call the doc. My dad got some new meds, but nothing that would've caused this kind of reaction. Dad was even losing sleep because he was itching so bad. They went to a friend's b-day party and this guy that works in the hospital dealing with livers was there, he asked my dad if he knew he looked jaundice. Even the whites of his eyes were yellow. My dad said yeah, I know, I have an appointment on Tuesday. This guy said good, I may just be seeing in a couple of days. My mom ended up calling a fam doc that has hours on Sunday and got him in, they gave him 2 kinds of meds to help with the itching until he could get in to see his other doc. Dad's doc today took one look at him and said he needed to get over to the ER and get some tests done. He said it has to do with his pancreas. We were all kinda expecting to hear that it had to do with his liver, never pancreas. (he has lost a ton of weight and really fast too...) They did all kinds of blood work and they all came back ok, except his liver enzymes were super high. Then they did a cat scan today and found ahuge mass of what they are saying is cancer on his pancreas. It is at the head of it, so that is why he was turning yellow. All the bile is in his body, (I know, gross). So they are going to put some stents down there to help get rid of that bile. They are going to go through his throat. Ouch... Not sure what time tomorrow, but they will put an IV in him at 5:00 with an antibiotic. Any type of surgery he gets he needs that first b/c of his knee replacement. I talked to him for a little tonite and he sounded good. Just never wish your parents to have to go through this. It has been hard for me, I don't know whether to pack up and just go or wait and see how the stent thing goes tomorrow. Am pretty sure I am waiting to see what is going on... My brother and his wife are on their way there right now. They got her parents to watch their boys for them. Please keep them in your prayers! Will update this as soon as I know more!

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