Thursday, July 30, 2009

In Indiana

Well, we all are in IN now. Curt came as well. We left last nite about 7 something and got here about 5 am. I am at the hospital with Thaddeus and Curt, Melissa (our cuz from FL visiting) and the rest of the kids will be here later.
They are going to bio today, atleast hoping. So that means he will be spending the nite again. Waiting on the doc this morning to tell us when he will come in and do it. There is a lovely illustration of his liver and pancreas drawn on a board here. Explains it all! They had some friends who helped them label everything, thanks Bob and Jaime!!! LOL ;o) (I like the misc part!!!! LOL) So the stent they put in is in between his pancreas and bile duct, he will have to have the stent replaced every 6 to 8 weeks to make sure he doesn't turn yellow again. The cancer is at the head of his pancreas and just spread in spots all over his liver. The liver is untreatable. We don't know what stage he is in, and we don't know how long he has. The doc last nite asked him if he wanted to know and dad didn't yet. It was still all too new and shocking, he didn't want one more piece of info. I don't know if he will want to know. I don't know if they will be able to do chemo or radiation on his pancreas or not. My dad is a fighter and if the docs can't do anything, he will try other things. My aunt told him to drink sage tea, it is a good liver cleanser. And Kefir is agood one as well. Not 100% sure what and how he will do that, if he drinks it or cooks it or what. Their neighbor is also involved in the Cancer Support and has all kinds of info to give him, and options they can do. They aren't giving up!
Dad is loving it though, he is getting to eat anything he wants too. He is no longer on any meds except for the stuff to help with his itch. Jaime came over and brought him a huge basket of cookies and candy!!!! (YUM, I had a piece for breakfast! :O) He said he would share with us! )
Bob came over and brought him a computer to use so he was up til mid-nite last night googling all kinds of things on cancer and the pancreas and liver.
Please keep them in your prayers. Thank you all for your calls and prayers and your visits! They really appreciate it!
Will post another blog after the doc comes in checks him over.
My dad just informed mom and me of what he thinks his stage is. By everything he has seen it is a stage 4... Since he has had no symptoms, there is no test that they could've done. He still isn't in any pain, Thank you God. Please keep praying, that's all we can do!

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