Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another update

Well, just got off the phone with my mom. Dad's cancer spread to his liver. So it's at the head of his pancreas (as far as I know) and then in his liver. He now weighs 148 lbs, so the doc told him to eat anything and everything he wants. He no longer needs to take any of his meds, including his insulin. The doc doesn't care if his blood sugar is high or low. he said, if you want a milkshake or doughnut, eat it. You need to get your weight back up. I am leaving with Thadd today around 5ish. I am feeling a little numb and shakey, you never expect to hear this kind of news. They are waiting to hear back from the oncologist to hear more. I don't know if they can do radiation or chemo, or even if they want to, I dunno. Dad will be spending the nite there again tonite and prob go home tomorrow. He is in no pain, thankfully. Mom asked the doc since he wasn't in any pain if he would be, and the doc was hopeful that he wouldn't be. So, that's all I know now, will keep you all posted, keep praying for them, please!!!!


Angela said...

Mandy - so sorry your family is dealing with this. We are praying for all of you!

Lori Eilers said...

What to say my friend? We are here for you no matter what happens and just trusting God is in control! Perfect Peace to you all and especially to your parents.

The Harrington Family said...

I can't even imagine going thru this...your whole family is in our prayers. Praying for peace and healing!