Thursday, July 30, 2009

And Another Update...

I was trying to do another update at the hospital, but the computer that dad was using didn't want to sign in, so no Internet access.
Kinda of a bummer day for mom and dad... Bob, the guy who is letting dad borrow a laptop, ended up in the hospital. Not sure why just yet, they did a CT Scan this evening and will hopefully get the results back from that tomorrow. Please keep Jaime and Bob in your prayers. He is on the same floor as my dad, which is awesome! We were going from one room to the next tonite to keep him company until his wife came back in! Hope we didn't bug you too much Bob!!! ;o) His wife brought him in this morning, he had shortness of breath and then couldn't breathe, so they thought one thing, and the chest x-ray came back clear, so that's why they did the CT Scan.... Please lift them up as well!
Then another lady that went to mom and dad's church before they closed the doors came in to visit dad and while she was in dad's room, she got a call from her sister saying that she was taking her mom to the hospital. And come to find out, it was the same one as dad. I am not sure what is wrong with her, we didn't get a chance to go down and find out what happened.
So, dad was supposed to go in at 2 to get the bio done, and they finally got him around 4 something. Then he waited in the hallway for about 15 min before they came and got him. I went down with mom and dad so I could wait with her while dad had the procedure done. They came and got him and we got to go in the room and explain what he was going to do and how long it would take. He said that it would take about an hour and he would keep taking a peek with the scanner before going all the way in with the needle so he would be right on top of it and not have to keep poking him. He also said whatever sample he collected, he would take up to the lab and make sure it was enough and if it was, he would take the needle out and be done. If not, he would still have the needle in and collect more and keep doing it until they had enough. Thankfully he got enough the 1st time around and was able to be done and really quick. I think dad was back up to the room by 4:45 and he was STARVING!!!!!!! He got to eat breakfast, but no lunch. They found out that he has an appointment Aug 7th at 3:30 and he will find out the results of what type of cancer it is. They just took a sample from his liver b/c they are pretty sure it is the same as the pancreas and much easier and safer to get too.
Also, both docs were in today and got some things cleared up. There was a mis understanding and dad is to take his insulin. (Which is good b/c we all thought he was just giving up on dad and that he didn't care what his sugar levels were at!) The doc said he wanted him to take it before his meals and then before bed. Long story, but a misunderstanding. He isn't taking anything else that I know of. But atleast they are still wanting to watch his blood sugar.
Oh, he could've come home tontie after 2 hours of laying in his bed after the bio, but they both decided it would be smart to jsut stay the nite since it was already so late. Plus, JUST incase he started to bleed from it, he would be right that. Bleeding a very rare side affect, but ya never know.
Like I said earlier, dad fingered out he was a stage 4. The doc didn't tell him, but with everything he has been reading, he put the pieces together. We will know more as far if they will be able to do chemo or radiation on his pancreas. I am pretty sure there is nothing they can do with the liver. Also, find out what type of cancer we are dealing with.
My dad is still looking for alternative to meds as well. If it is this one type of pancreatic cancer, there are 2 drugs he can take, don't remember the names.
Dad will be coming home sometime tomorrow.
I am pretty sure we will be leaving late afternoon, or after supper on Sat. Curt needs to go to DM Conference in Grand Rapids on the 10th of this month, and not sure yet if I will bring the kids out for the week while he is gone? Still kinda all up in the air and what they will find out on the 7th. They were hoping to find out the 1st of next week all the info and now have to wait a week. Please pray that the week goes quickly for them and they will be at peace with whatever the doc's are going to tell them!
We all appreciate your prayers! Mom said she can just feel the power of all your prayers!
Oh, more peice of good news!
My mom's dm called her today and long story short, she is covered for as far as her days off. Starting July 29, 1009 and until July 29,2010 she can take as many days as she needs as long as it doesn't exceed how many hours she worked last year. (which she won't have a prob with, and mom , if I am wrong, correct me...) They will hold her job for her and she won't have to worry about it! So, this whole week is totally taken care of and she doesn't need to ask for vacation! So since they know they are going to the doc on the 7th, she can just tell them and fax her day(s) off to her DM and make sure her boss know and she will have them off, no worries or strings attached! The lady at HO that mom talked to asked her how she was doing even before starting the conversation. She also informed mom and that everyone at HO was praying for her and dad! How cool!
So... Like I've said before, will keep this updated as I find out more info.
Dad still isn't in any pain and not really all that sore from the bio today, which is good!
Thanks again for all your prayers!
Love to you all!


Lori Eilers said...

I'll be prayong. Love y'all.

Martha said...

Mandy, you're doing a great job of keeping us all up to date. From what your mom told me, you've covered all the bases. We will miss all you Mellingers at the reunion this weekend, but be assured of our prayers.

patsy sue said...

Dear Mandy thank you so very much for updating the info on your dad and mom. How is she holding up. I work with her and she and your dad are in my prayers. Knowing they have faith in God and his plans is comforting to know. Please take care of yourself and your family.
thanks again patsy