Tuesday, June 9, 2009


When I was feeding Thaddeus, I decided to do some research on the DC Zoo. It is about an hour away. But it is free, but the parking can be steep. Like the website says, you can take the metro, which they recommend, but I am thinking, um, it's still gonna cost to park somewhere, so do it there! It is 10 bucks for the first hour, and then 20 bucks for 4 hours or more! Good thing the zoo is free or we wouldn't be able to afford it!! I guess you can get a membership and then the parking would be free, so, I dunno. Need to look into that more...
But looking at the website and how to get there, this caught my eye:

There are two entrances for pedestrians and vehicles at the east side of the Zoo, near Rock Creek Park. One is off Rock Creek Parkway, the other is at the intersection of Harvard Street and Adams Mill Road. NOTE: During Homeland Security Orange Threat Level, these entrances are closed, except during morning rush hour. At all other times, visitors must enter at Connecticut Avenue. We're sorry for any inconvenience.

How convenient that the Orange Threat Level warning was in orange! Do I really still want to go there? I guess it was a reminder of HOW close we really are to the White House and everything! Wow... (I don't think I am going to let this stop me! Watch out DC, here I come!! LOL)

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