Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trip to DC

We decided to take a trip to downtown, and by that I mean, Washington, DC. Got half way there and realized that the camera was still in the family room. Grr... Oh well, there will be plenty more trips to come!!! ;o) It is only 20 some miles from our house, but it took close to an hour to get there. Just with traffic and then TRYING to find SOMEPLACE to park. But it was fun! A GREAT day to just walk! We found a parking garage and then walked to go see Abraham Lincoln. Oh, driving to downtown we passed the White House. We pointed it out to Kotah (she was the only one awake!) and I said that's where the president lives. Then she was like oh, like Abraham Lincoln? I said, well, when he was alive he lived there, but he is dead. I said President Obama lives there right now. Thought it was kinda funny! ;o) So we saw Lincoln, the reflecting pool or pond, whichever it is called, and passed MANY museums... There was a police officer riding a HUGE horse, so the kids thought that was WAAAAY cool! We also got to sit at the WWII Memorial and dipped our feet in the water. Can NOT wait to go back! The kids did really good with all the walking we did! Next trip will be FOR SURE taking the camera! SOOOO much history and sooooo many things to see and do here!!!!!!! Can't wait for the next trip!

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