Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Know They Mean Well, BUT....

I SERIOUSLY wish I had a camera this morning!!!!!!!!!!!! I woke up with a slight headache, grr.... But Gavin and Skylar were the first ones up this morning and Gavin decided that HE was going to fix their breakfast since Kotah wasn't up yet! Ever since moving out here, Kotah has been getting them cereal and milk and a pop tart for breakfast. Which is GREAT, but I DO like to make them eggs every now and then and pancakes... Haven't been able to b/c by the time I get up, they already have it all out and ready! Anyways.... I think we went through a little TOOOO much milk this morning, but he was helping! Skylar comes in the room and says something that I do NOT understand, then she goes to the bathroom. Then she yells, I AM ALL DONE MOM!!!! So I go in there to give her the toilet paper, then she says Gavin making breakfast mom. I am thinking, oh no... I do NOT want to go out there to see what he has done! Ok, so I have a couple canning jars sitting on the table b/c I haven't found a home for those yet, so there are about 9 of them sitting on the table, then there are 3 different kids of cereal sitting on the table, pop tart wrappers ALLLL over the floor, milk spills here and there and everywhere!!! I didn't see a BARE spot of brown table at ALL!!!!! I am like, uh what happened bubby? I made breakfast cause Kotah was still upstairs! So I told him that was REALLY sweet, but let's let mommy or Kotah take care of getting out the milk and cereal. You can get the bowls and spoons and cups, ok? They also opened up about 5 different packages of pop tarts to find the ones that they wanted. So, note to self, keep those puppies UP!!!!!!!! :o)
It really was sweet of him to help!!!!!! ;o) After my shower when I woke up a little more, I cleaned it all up! ;o)

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