Saturday, June 6, 2009

Catch Up

I posted these pics on facebook, so if you have already seen it, oh well! :O)

Aww, sweet sleeping baby!!!
Don't bother wrapping him up tight, he figures out how to get out!!! ;o)

Curt is in Mexico until Wednesday. Got a call from him late tonite, he's there and already sunburned! I did ask him if he wanted the kids suntan lotion, he said no, so it's his fault! :O) I can't wait to hear about his time there!!! He said that there are about 148 million kids who need to be adopted (Not JUST in Mexico...) and only 8 million kids who have been adopted! So sad!!!! I told him I need to wait until Thaddeus gets a little older before we adopt!!!!! (Unless God tells me otherwise...) Still so heavy on my heart to adopt!

Went and got paint for the kitchen and the kids rooms today! I had to return something for Curt that I forgot to take with me when I was there 2 days ago. The kids asked me 2 days ago when we were there if they could get their paint, I told them the next time we go in there I would get it. I said it because I didn't think I was going back in 2 days! ;o) So when we got there, walked in the door, they asked, so I said ok, but didn't know WHEN I would get it all painted! They were ok with that, they are happy to just HAVE it!! LOL ;o) I can NOT wait to do the kitchen, it is going to look AWESOME!!! Curious about the color and what am gonna do? Well, gotta wait til I get it done and take the pics! I am sure you know it won't be WHITE!!!!!! This house s WAAAAAY too white and tan!!!! ;o)

I need to get to bed, sooo tired! Will my energy EVER come back??? I feel as if I should be back to normal! I can fit into my jeans again, (WHOO HOO!!!! I still need to lose some weight, I am not back to where I was, but I CAN get into the old jeans!!! ;oP) so I feel as if I should be able to do everything! But I can't... Trying to get things in order and some things put away while Curt is gone!

Things are coming up in the garden, the kids were sooo excited to see the little green plants!

Enjoy the pic's and will post pics of the house when I get everything where I want it, or when it's painted! :O) Also picked out color for living room, but want to get the kitchen and kids rooms done first!! ;o)

Good bye Des Moines!!!

Awesome! LOVE driving out here to see these rocks in the side of the hill! You can even see water coming out of them in certain spots! Driving to fast to take a pic of it!! :O)

Somewhere inbetween Penn and Maryland... ;o)

Sweet little bubby! ;o)

Flash back to the '80's!!! LOL

Skylar said, MY STUFF IS HERE!!!!!!

After getting out of the shower at the hotel, I caught Gavin singing/playing/talking to Thaddeus! How sweet!!!!!!

notice the socks and shoes in the 1st one?

Lovin' the cheeks!!! :O)

Look closely, there are 2 geckos...

Skylar riding a big girl bike! Kotah's old one! Sniff sniff, they aren't supposed to grow up!!!

Thaddeus 2 1/2 weeks old!

Our awesome post office! notice the bathroom? nice huh?
After leaving the post office to go back home!

Playing outside!! :o)

Kids planting their garden!

She got tired to helping! So she started to supervise to make sure we were doing it right! LOL

Making sure Thaddeus is covered up! She LOVES her little bro!!

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