Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Are We Really THAT Far Out???

I just had my first experience with a door to door salesman! Seriously!!!! He was selling books. he was really good too! But I didn't get any!!! Although they would've been REALLY nice for school... But couldn't spend that much money for 6 books without talking to Curt first. I know how he makes his money too... he says that most people he talks to are moms and then the ones that are both sets the dad says, well, if I needed a new tool, you would let me go and get it no questions asked, so go for it if you can use it! I am like, yeah well, unless it is groceries, and it is over 50 bucks, we talk about it. The guy was like, that's cool, I totally understand, but I can't come back. Hmm.... So we didn't fall for it! :o) He did say he would be in the area, so if I see him, just honk and say hi! I am thinking, wow, where did I move too? LOL

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