Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We Are Here!!!!

Well, we FINALLY made it to Waldorf, Maryland, just minutes from our new home!!!
We all got here in one piece! Listening to Paws and Tales, Psalty (if you don't know who Psalty is, look it up, he is a big, blue, SINGING songbook! ;o)), and some movies, but we made it! :O)
We got to drive over to the house and see the outside and of course, I peeked inside! :O) I can NOT wait to see the inside! I LOVE it! The kids got out of the van and just ran in the yard and out back! I think they like it too! I have some flowers in bloom too! Not sure what they all are, but do have 5 Azalea bushes, YEAH!!!! I decided where to put a garden too! :O) I also noticed one of the upstairs bedrooms has 2 skylights! SWEET!!!!! We get to see the house tomorrow nite, I think. Then we sign on the house Thursday at 2. Depending on how long it takes, the driver MAY come and unload SOME stuff Thursday! SWEET!!!!!!
So that is where we are now! ;o)

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