Friday, May 8, 2009

No Baby

Well, there is still no baby! I had to call the hospital at 6:00ish this morning to see if they had room for me. So I called, no room, ok, so back to bed. ;o) Then I called again at 10, still no room, so I had to call at noon. Call then and still no room. The labor and delivery room was packed full, they were waiting for the postpartum to check out so they could move those ladies to a room. So... By now I am STARVING!!!!!!!!! I usually eat a very small breakfast and can wait for lunch, but since I had nothing, I was DYING.... When I called at noon, the nurse told me that she is going to have to talk to the doc and then see if they can't get me in or not. But since it is already so late... She called me at 1:35 and said that she was so very sorry, but since it is already almost 2, they won't bring me in, UNLESS, I go into labor. I am "penciled" in on Mon, but she said she is already full Mon morning. She asked is that ok? I am like, no, but there is nothing I can do about it! I told her, the ONLY reason I want/need to be induced is, we have packers coming to pack our house up on the 14th, so that was the ONLY reason I wanted to be induced. She was like, I am sorry. I said, nothing you can do about it! She said that hopefully someone will come in this week-end, or I will go into labor on my own. Which I am praying for! Full Moon Saturday... We have friends getting married tomorrow, she said that babe was just waiting to come til then! Let's hope so! I can't wait much longer, we are leaving Saturday the 16th! I wanted aleast a week to recover before getting in the car. We were going to leave Sat, get to IN (HOPEFULLY) that nite, leave first thing Mon morning from IN to Maryland. We would stop Mon nite, and be in Maryland Tuesday. Sign on the house on Thursday the 21st! AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So our plans may have changed a bit, I am pretty sure we will leave Sat, but may not get to IN when planned. We will see...
Curt and my parents are trying to get me off the couch to go walk the mall, so I guess when the kids wake up, guess where we are going?
Pray this kid comes!!!! ;o)


Angela said...

Oh.My.Goodness. I just KNEW you were looking at that precious little face by now! Ugh. Guess God has a different plan in mind. I know its so hard to wait and watch your plans get wacky. So sorry. I am STILL praying! :-)
Don't forget there are lots of natural ways to induce ... sex (a lot of people say you get the kid out the same way you got it in!), my midwife swore by spicy Thai food, nipple stimulation (like pumping for an hour!), there are accupressure points in your feet that are supposed to help (any excuse to get a pedi!), there are herbs as well (black & blue cohash, others).
And, of course, good ol' fashion castor oil. Yum.

Anonymous said...

I am SO SORRY :( How frustrating!!!!!!! Okay this might be TMI-but I 'heard' that having sex twice in 24 hours helps! I know, I know!! Crossing my fingers and praying that the baby comes this weekend!

Lori Eilers said...

Girl, we may not ever know why but I think the Lord has His hand in this and for some reason wants that little bundle to wait a bit longer. I'm praying for His perfect timing and in the mean time the other suggestions would at least keep your mind occupied and your husband happy! :)