Tuesday, May 12, 2009

He's HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

This is one stubborn child let me tell you!!! But that is ok, he is here now and all is good! It is a good thing I didn't go into labor this week-end, God was looking out for me! The nurse I had in Labor and Delivery said it was soooo crazy, that I would have been in the hall way pretty much! yikes... Not where I want to be!
Monday morning I was told to call at 6:30, so I did, the head nurse said they were full, but it was looking like I could come in today to have him. I was to call back at 10, so I did, still full, so call back by noon if I didn't hear from them. She called me at 10:20 and said to get in here asap! So we did. Got here and checked in and then by 11:45 got the IV and the potassium (SP?) started. I was still only a 3, but atleast I was started... Then the doc came in later to break my water and check me and I was a 4. I LOVED the nurse I had. She was AWESOME!!! Ok, at first I didn't like her, she had to poke around to get a vein and it swelled up, but the 2nd poke I didn't feel anything! :O) PLUS, I told her I would love to get an epidural, but don't want to get it to early, but then again, not to late. She was awesome and got me one before I got too uncomfortable. BUT it wore off on my right side at 2:45ish. She came in to check me at 2:50 and I told her, I was a 6 by then, so she went and got me a local drug, then called for something much stronger. She checked me again just after 3 and I was completely ready to go, baby's head was right there and everything! I looked at her and said I am not getting anything stronger am I? Low and behold, I did! SWEET!!! Ok, so I am a sucker and don't like pain! I just wanted ONE birth where it was GREAT! And this one was! I would say in all that time, only about a total of 15 minutes of discomfort.. ;o) The doc was already out in his car, so he booked it back up and by the time he got there I had NO feeling in either of my legs! I pushed 3 times and he was out! Thaddeus Larkin was born at 3:26pm May 11th. Weighed 6lbs and 13 oz (The SMALLEST of all of them, but am NOT complaining!!!! LOL) and his length is 19 1/4! As Jen Mumm says, he is a peanut, and I agree, he is! But I love him to death and so does his brother and sisters! Gavin was SOOO excited to hold him! he didn't want to give him up! I guess when he woke up from his nap, Kotah said, Gavin you have a brother, and Gavin said COOL! How sweet! He is going to be so protective of him! Last nite it hit me, we have another boy, OH BOY!!!!!!!!! They are only 4 years apart too, they will be inseparable!!!!!! :O)
Then my mom told us the movers called us yesterday asking for me. She said that I was in the hospital having a baby. They said, "oh, well, we are ahead of schedule and were wondering if they would like us to come out Wednesday to box everything and then load the truck Thursday. We are here to please our customers." My mom kinda laughed and said, well, I am PRETTY sure they will tell you no, but I will give them the message! I am going to be just getting home on Wednesday, yeah, sure, why not come on out? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;o)
Will keep you all updated on everything...


Angela said...

SOOOO glad this was a wonderful birth for you! Congrats again! So excited for all of you and looking forward to watching that sweet boy grow up (even if only in pictures) :-(
Still can't believe how FAST it went ... that is awesome! We'll be praying for all to go smoothly this week. I don't know why you didn't want to get a head start on the packing :-) THAT is too funny!
Enjoy that sweet boy - he's just beautiful!

Jena said...

I can't tell you HOW impressed I am that you have already blogged about this! You are so inspiring :) I am SO glad this went so well! What a good boy :D Call me if you are in need of ANYTHING!

Anonymous said...

He is a doll baby! Can't wait to see him Friday :)