Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting Unpacked!

Oh my goodness! NEVER EVER make a move across the US right after having a baby! I ended up holding Thaddeus for a little this afternoon and fell asleep on the couch with him! First little nap I have had since, uh, well, I guess the hospital! Slept in the car, but that's not the same! I really wanted to have alot of the kitchen un packed, but i only got half the cupboards cleaned out! Oh well! That's life! ;o) The kids have been really good considering what we put them through! We went back to the hotel tonite and got our suitcases and they were like, we are going to take them to the new house, right? They have been running around and exploring the house and yard and everything! They seem to really like their new home! They have asked for some people back in Iowa and told them we can write them, but to far to go visit them right now.
i am so dead right now! But love LOVE the house! We are running into a little problem. We were a LITTLE spoiled with our closet space in Iowa, and not so much here. BUT, I am NOT complaining! It will just take me a little longer to figure out where to put everything and good way to condense even more! :o) The kids pretty much have the upstairs to themselves. The kids rooms are up there, but a nice landing that will have the games and bookshelf. Then there is the play room with 2 sky lights, SWEET!!!
My parents are coming out here tomorrow. I told the family that I didn't want any help right now, that we just need to be left alone to settle and get used to everything. Then my mom calls me and says, hey dad and I are coming whether you want us to or not! You came out here when I broke my arm with the 3 kids and cooked and clean for us, so we are going to come out and help you! I was ticked, but fine now! :O) So they will be here sometime tomorrow, and will leave either Mon or Tues.
Took some pics of the kids and the scenery on the way out here, but haven't had a chance to download them to Curt's computer yet.
It is so nice and quiet where we are! LOVE IT!!!!! We are about 10 minutes from town, but way off the road. BUT depending on what time of day you leave, that 10 min trip could take you 45 min! But I kinda know when and when not to go out! Gonna figure out some back ways to get into town too. That sounds so funny, get into town! :O) It is absolutely beautiful out here! Come visit us! Just give me another month or so to get the house somewhat in order! ;o) it may take me longer, who knows! LOL
Will try to get some pics posted soon! Can't promise anything though! :O)


Amy said...

Wow have you had a crazy few months, now with a new lil one!
I can't wait to see inside pics of the house I bet the kids are super excited for a back yard and in town, that does sound funny. I would be a bit worried if Todd had to pick out our house without me! Good job curtis glad that everyone is adjusting! Will be looking forward to pics!

Amy Esbeck

Angela said...

I can't even begin to imagine how tired you must be. I moved with a 6 week old - so at least I was fully recovered (physically anyway) :-)
So glad you are loving the house - can't wait to see more pix!
Enjoy your help and get some rest!!!