Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Boy Do We Live In the Country!!!

Oh my goodness!!! I awoke to a scream yesterday morning. Curt had the kids playing outside (I had a lovely migraine...) and I heard Kotah scream. Then I hear Curt going out to see what happened, then in comes all the kids saying there is a snake, ahh, there is a snake!!! Then they run back outside. I get up and go outside and see Curt with the shovel and a 4 foot snake hanging off the shovel. I don't have my contacts or glasses on, but can clearly see what he did. He killed a snake. It was a rat snake (a black snake), NOT poisonous, but the bite hurts.
We also have some geckos. Curt saw them off one of our porches. We told the kids about it, then they went out to look. They found them! They were sooooo excited!!! We then told them to be very careful with them, not to pick them up or their tails would fall off! I told Curt we better get some boxes for the geckos that Gavin will be catching. But then I thought about it more, and said, well, atleast a box to hold all the tails that Gavin will be bringing in!!!! LOL
Driving into town yesterday I saw one of the houses has some chickens. I said, oh good, we can get some fresh eggs! Curt said something about having to sign a paper that said he understood that the house is in the country. I said, seriously? he said that when he put the offer on the house, he had to sign a paper that said he understood there could be some smells and farm nosies. I busted out laughing! But I guess some people from the city move out here and are like what's that nasty smell and sound? Good thing we don't care! The house across the street from has a goat. Sits on their front porch! Nice huh? Maybe we should get one so we don't have to mow the lawn so much! LOL
It is sooo nice out here! LOVE IT!!!!! My dad tilled some ground for me so I can get some stuff planted! Mom brought some cantaloupe plants, so that is out there! :O)

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Jena said...

Wow Mandy! I am SO happy for you guys :) You are going to be such a GREAT country momma! You know how to do it all!!! Your kids must think it is a piece of heaven! Eli thought it was SO cool that you had a snake and geckos...he just had a pet turtle down at the Lake for about a week and thought it was great! He sure does miss his buddies though!!! Make sure to tell the kids "hi" from us!