Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New House

Here it is!!!! Our new home as of May 21st!!!!!!!!!!! :O) I am sooo excited! It is so cute, LOVE the porch!! Can NOT wait to get out there!!!!! Of course I did forget to mention that the whole house is WHITE!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY needs some COLOR!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully I can do a room here and there! Under different circumstances, I would paint some rooms before moving everything in there, but will not be able to do that, so it will have to wait! UGH!!! Hope I can wait!!! :O) We showed the kids some pic's of the house and there was one of the living room and dining room, plus many of the outside. Of course these pic's where of when the people still lived there, so the pic's showed their stuff. So I said, this is where we will put OUR couch and this is where we will put OUR table. (Just to make sure we didn't start this I don't want to move all over again. Just because he was afraid his stuff wouldn't get moved! :O) Poor guy!) I am still gonna miss my frig, but the kitchen is bigger than I have now!!! ;o)
I also told the kids that they would get to help pick out what color of room they wanted to paint their rooms! They thought that was pretty cool! So Gavin shouts out RED!!!!! I said, uh, I don't think so bud, but we will see! (George, wanna come paint a room red??? LOL)
Also, this house was built in 1935!!! What's up with the old houses? ;o) Curt did look and all but 2 or 3 windows are new, the electrical and plumbing is up to par as well! I told him, I don't mind living in an old house, it is just the windows that kill us every winter and summer!!! :O) But we did move up a few years, this one we have now was built in 1927. So we did get a newer one!!! :O)
It was hard for Curt to find a nice house out there for our price range and something that would fit us all! Plus there was a ton of them, but they needed sooooo much work! I LOVE this house and am so excited to move in and see it! I can't wait to sign my life away and go see it! :O) If I do say so myself, my hubby did a good job! :O) Thanks for putting up with all that babe! Love ya <3

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