Friday, April 10, 2009

Is It Over Yet????

Wow! What a blur, but not really!
I am out of a computer during the week! It kinda sucks! :o(
Trying to deal with everything going on here too!
If you have read Curt's blog, you know that our house was on the market for 4 days and got an offer on Sunday! :o) WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We signed all the papers Friday nite, then had a showing Sat morning. Then another on Sunday morning before open house started. Then the open house from 1-4 on Sunday. All of you that live in Iowa know what BEAUTIFUL weather we had Sunday, so I figured there wouldn't be a good turnout. Becky called Curt at 1:50 and said that in the first 45 minutes, 8 people had walked through! WOW!!!!!!!!!! Then at 4:45, she called us with an offer, and of course we accepted! :O) So it was a VERY tiring, but VERY good day!!!! Then I get the list of things that need to be done before the relocation company can accept the offer. I know, it is all a little confusing and I am not sure I understand everything! I am pregnant, so that's my excuse!
You also know we are going to barely make ends meet with the repairs that need to be done too! I SOOO wish we could've asked how much we wanted too, but we couldn't! Oh well! I keep telling myself it is all in God's hands, but sometimes it is hard! I KNOW He will provide, He ALWAYS does!!!
Good thing is, the cost of some of the repairs may not be as much as we originally thought! YEAH!!!!!!!!! BUT still waiting to hear on some of them! :o\ I just HATE having to deal with this all! I am so tired, I am to the point where I don't care!! Just get it done and let me be!!
Good news, I don't have to worry about getting out of here really fast with the kids so they can show the house! And it is still clean! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! ;o)
Good news, they don't sign until June 1st, so that will give me time to have the baby, then have the relocation company come out here pack us up, prob have to live in temp housing for a month, then we will be on our way to where ever our new house will be!!! :o) Curt is going to be looking at some of the houses we found next Thursday. These are all in Waldorf, Maryland. I wish I could go with him! But I totally trust him and his judgement! He knows what I like and don't want... Like..... NO HILLY DRIVEWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! NO HUGE OVERGROWN OAK TREES ALL OVER THE YARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO OLD HOUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a few minor things, I am not asking for much, am I? hee hee hee Oh, it would also be GREAT if they had an AWESOME frig with a freezer on the bottom!!! Since I am leaving mine here! :o(
Gavin is doing much better with the whole move issue! He did inform me that he wanted to make sure he got to take all his hats though! I said, not to worry, we would take EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! :O)
What a week it has been!!!! Crazy, crazy, crazy!!! There is a little bit of touch up paint that I need to do yet, but am not going to worry about it right now! :O) I did NOTHING this week except cook and do laundry! I am still recouping from the last 2 weeks of busting my butt to get this house ready! Glad for the most part it is done! Just having to deal with this person on getting this thing fixed, then this other person for that... UGH!!!!!!! Hopefully it will all be done by the middle of next week!
Also had my heart doc appointment last Tuesday and they did an EKG and an ultrasound of my heart and everything looks good. He said that about 2 months or so after the baby is born, he wants me to be on a heart monitor until I have another episode. Well, I am not going to be here, so will see what we do with that one! THANKS JENA FOR TAKING THE KIDS AGAIN!!!!!! :O) (well, 2 of them anyways!!! ;oP)
Go again next Monday for another OB appointment! Then I will be going every week! It is getting closer!!! :O) I am at 35 weeks today!!! :O)
Going to go to bed.... Maybe the kids will sleep in? Nah, I doubt it!! :O)

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Jena said...

you're SO welcome :) im here for you!!! I don't know how you do it are an amazing woman!