Saturday, April 18, 2009

Count Down Begins!!!!

Well, got a call from Curt this week and he told me that he received a call and said that we need to be out of this house by May 14th-15th!!! WOW!!!!!!!! That is less than a month away!!!!! With the whole relocation deal and with having his work set everything up, we have to be out 2 weeks before they sign, and they are signing June 1st, so....
Also have a SOLD sign on the house!!! (Maybe the "drive-bys" will stop!! We have gotten sooooooo many people coming by and just stopping and staring!!! Atleast 4 to 5 per day!!!!!) That makes it a little more official too!!! :O) Seems so weird though! I am so excited, but wow!
Now, I am not sure if we will be out of the state by then too, or if we will be hanging out here for a couple more weeks after May 14th. It all depends on this baby and when he/she comes! If the baby comes this week-end or next (which I am praying for! lol), then I am thinking we will be out of the state by then. But not 100% sure!!! It also depends on when I get the go ahead from my doc for me to travel. Even though I will be doing none of the packing or loading! Yep, that's right! The movers will pack EVERYTHING and load the truck and then unload the truck! We can even have them unpack everything if we want! They won't put anything away, but will set things on the floor in the right rooms!!! NICE!!!!!!!
I am soooooooooo excited to be moving, but sad to leave my friends! But we know for SURE that we are going where we need to be! ;o)
Curt went house hunting last Thursday and narrowed it down to 3 and then he and I narrowed it down to 1!!! :O) This house is soooooooo nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only bad thing is, none of the houses he looked at had a huge yard, but there is enough for the kids to run around in the back yard! Maybe even plant a small garden, so you know if I can do that, you know there aren't any trees (or hilly driveways!!!!)!!!! LOL!!!!! :oP He is going to try to go back to this one house on Thursday and get some pic's of the inside of it for me! But I totally trust him! I LOVE the outside of the house and the neighborhood looks nice! VERY NICE!!!!!! :o) He is so sweet too! He made sure each one of the houses he looked at had a nice kitchen! ;o) The house is in Waldorf, Maryland. So I guess we will be living in Maryland! :O)
Have another crazy week ahead of us! Curt leaves Monday for the airport, have an inspector coming then that afternoon, which we need to be out of the house, :O(, then Tuesday a guy from the moving company will be here to see how much of a semi we will be taking up and how many boxes, then I guess the rest of the week is kinda easy. Well, as easy as it gets for me!! SO hard to bend down and pick things up!!!! So if you come over, don't look under my couches, I haven't been able to bend down to get them cleaned! I would make the kids, but have been letting them play outside EVERY chance we can take!!!!! ;o) Plus trying to finish up school work with Kotah and then Gavin wants to do his school work. Which is dot to dot! :O) Then we pick Curt up from the airport on Friday! Then I have the baby then, right? LOL Wishful thinking!!!! ;o)

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Angela said...

All I know is that I've been where you are, my sweet friend. So not fun. Moving with a newborn is for the birds. I'm praying for you. Praying in agreement for the baby to come this week (but not til Curt gets home!) :-)
AND, let me just say that "unpacking" is more like DUMPING your stuff in the right room. No 'setting' involved! We did that with our first relo ... and will never do it again! I have them unpack hanging clothes in the closet and THAT'S IT!
It sounds good, but you actually end up with a bigger mess on your hands! Another tidbit of advice - when the packers come, ask them to label the boxes with the contents so you know what is inside without having to rifle through to find out.