Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Car Wash

This last week the kids and I decided to wash Curt's old work car (He has the old DM's car out there and the new DM gets his).
What fun! :O) They did pretty good, but did notice some spots where they were washing it and it got missed! Who cares, let the new DM re-wash it! :O)
That nite I didn't put the bucket or the brush/sponge away. Opps... There was a little bit of water still left in the bottom of the bucket too. I did put the hose away in the garage.
The next day I let the kids out to play outside. When I went out to check on them, here they had the hose hooked back up to the faucet, the bucket was FULL of water and leftover soap, and the back of the van is soapy and wet. (By the way, the van is still in the garage!) I said uh guys, what are you doing? (Of course, Kotah claims it was ALL Gavin and Sklyar, but I know the truth! ;oP) Gavin said, we wanted the van to be sparkly and clean like Daddy's old car! We wanted to help you mommy!
How can I resist that? So I said, well guys, first of all, the van is still in the garage, you don't wash cars or vans when they are in the garage! And second, you need mommy to help you guys. We will do it another day, ok? So we unhooked the hose, got that put away and emptied the bucket and put it away as well. Oh I did have to hose the back of the van off!
So if you think you see us, and you notice the whole van is dirty EXCEPT the back, you know it is our van!!!! :O)

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