Friday, March 27, 2009

The Week Over Yet???

Oh my! What a week it has been!!! Including last week!!!

Tuesday Jena BEGGED me to take my kids to mom's group, and I let her. Ask her how hard it was for me to give in! I felt bad giving her 3 more kids when she is prego and has 2 of her own. BUT she said they were really good, and I asked Jenn Adair if they were and she said they were. So hopefully they aren't lying to me! :O) So a HUGE THANK YOU to Jena for taking them for me!!! I got both of the kids rooms done, cleaned and toys sorted!!! And it is some what staying clean! WOW!!!!!!! I also got our room cleaned and the bathroom cleaned. The only way I got our room clean was by throwing some things in a closet and throwing everything else away!! :O)

I needed everything somewhat clean so the 2 Realtors could come and take a look! Becky Hansen came on Wed to check it out. THANK YOU for NOT looking in my 2 closets! They WILL be clean (for the most part) by the time I am ready to get this house on market.

The other realtor came Thursday. WOW!!! WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!! The building inspector came this morning and was here for an hour. Then the realtor came Thursdsay afternoon. She called me Tuesday to set up a time and she said how is Thursday at 1:30? Then she said, oh, is that your kids nap time? I said yes, do you have another time? She was quiet. So I said, ok, I can make it work. Ok, so I know that when the house is up on market and the realtor calls you to see if their client can come look RIGHT NOW, you go, I am fine with that. But this lady isn't our realtor, yet... Hopefully NEVER! I fed the kids lunch, then put in a Veggie Tale movie for them. It would be done by the time the realtor came, she look through the house, then I put the kids to bed, right? WRONG!!!!!!! 1:30 came and went, no realtor no phone call. She comes at 1:50!!! By this time I am pissed! I see her pull in the drive way, so I go to the side door so she knows to come in there. I stand at the door and she is on her phone, I open the door and say hi! She walks right past me, and makes it to the side walk up front before she realizes that I am talking to her! So, she turns around, then I hear her say, ok, well, I am at this house, I'll call you back when I am done. First of all.... When you are going to a potential clients house, if you are on the phone, get off the phone BEFORE you go to the door! HELLO!!!!!!! Plus it sounded like a personal call, so you dif could've gotten off BEFORE going to the door, but hey, that's just my opinion! She comes in and I ask her if she wanted to start at the top and work our way down, she says, let's just start right here. Tell me what you've done and what you are going to do. I said, ok, the kitchen is staying this way and same with the dining room. We go into the dining room and she sees the kids. By now my kids are WOUND UP!!!!! WAY past their nap time (which is 12:30 - 1:00)! She talks to them and finds out their names and ages, then she looks at Kotah and says, Ok, I need you to be quiet so your mommy and I can talk! I am look at her like, you did NOT just tell my kids to hush up, did you? This was RIGHT after I told them to settle down and look at a book for a couple of minutes. By now I am SUPER pissed! You do NOT mess with a SUPER prego lady about ready to pop!!!!! We then go into Gavin's room. I tell her that the hall way and kids rooms will be painted a creamish color. She goes over to the window and looks out. Then she says (this is after I told her in the dining room that I have NOT had time to go through and clean like I want to or paint just yet! I said the company wants us to get the ball rolling now, so I haven't had time to do it all yet, but will get to it in the next week or so!) well, you need to clean your windows and get rid of all the dust. I am trying sooooo hard to keep a nice smile on my face, and politely say, yes, I just told you that I haven't had time to do any type of cleaning yet. I wasn't ready to show my house, but the company wants us to get this going now. She then moves onto the bathroom, then the girls rooms. Doesn't say much of anything. Good thing too! ;o) Then we go on upstairs, show her the "princess closet". Then I say, this is a storage closet, please don't look in there, I haven't had time to clean it, infact I just threw some stuff in there to get rid of it for now. What does she do, she opens the door and looks! I am like, uh, excuse me? I even told her how big it was! Then I have a cedar closet in our room that I said the same thing, please don't look in there, what does she do? She opens that door too! I REALLY have HAD it with her by now!!!!!!!!! Then we go into Curt's office (which is red with black trim and I wrote James 1:27 all over the room in Chinese). I tell her that I plan on painting it a creamish color. She says, well, I am not really worried about all the painting as I am more worried about all this clutter you have. I am like oh my goodness, seriously lady! We go down into the basement and I HAD JUST been in the cat's litter room RIGHT before she got there and everything was fine, smelled fine too. She walks down the stairs and sniffs and says, you obviously have a cat. I was thinking, well chickie, if you were here 20 minutes ago, you wouldn't have smelled this! One of the cats yeah, you know! :O) (When I told my mom about that part, she started laughing sooo hard! My mom said, she deserved that! I found humor in it then. I was to pissed at her and her comments to think about the funniness of it!) She then left and said, I'll be talking to you. I am thinking, uh, no you won't! Over my dead body would I work with you!
OH, when we were getting ready to go up to our room, she said, did you think about sanding the floors? I just looked at her like, what? Then she said, oh, you have 3 kids, you wouldn't be able to do that would you? I am like uh no?
So needless to say that was NOT a fun visit and it pissed me off for the rest of the day! Yes, I know I needed to let it go, but what can I say, I am prego?

I get a call today from Becky, who is our realtor! ;o) YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! She said that she would be working with us and has some paperwork for us to fill out. So she is coming over Friday nite so Curt will be here as well. Then she says don't freak out, but I am going to show your house Sunday! I am like, uh, what? I had planned on having everything done by Easter, didn't think that was to bad! But the company that Family has to get everything going wants us to get it on the market, now. I am like, holy cow! Are you kidding me? So I've been busting my butt on painting! Curt's parents came last nite and will be here til Friday morning to help with the painting and cleaning. So I painted 2 coats in both kids rooms today and George did the trim, which I HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! :O) Tawne did the windows and wood work, and the kids kinda helped! :O) THANK YOU for doing the windows and cleaning!!!! :O) I am not 100% stressing JUST YET, but I seriously thought I would have one more week after this week to get everything done! So the one closet I am going to empty and take over to Jena's to store til I can sort through everything! THANK YOU Jena!!!!!!!! The other one will just take a little to clean up! Whew..... I think I can get most everything done and make it look decent! I sure hope so!!!! :o

So that's been my week so far! CRAZINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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