Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Update on my Cuz

Matt continues to heal beautifully!! It is amazing how strong Matt's body is and how quickly things are improving now that they have the diagnosis and right drugs. Moved out of ICU about an hour ago and is off the heart monitor. Was able to shower, which made him just a little bit excited! He planned to shower right when we got into the room, but realized the trip up to the third floor was a bit much after being bedridden so long, so reasted a little while first. Cultures are still clear from yesterday, so that is great news as well. Tommorow they will do a white cell scan to continue to look for any hidden spots of infection or settling in bone/tissue. Line is out of his neck, which makes it much easier for him to move around. Still have not talked specifically about what treatment will be for back/neck, but am assumng we will be having that discussion at next doctor consult tonght, since he is now "stable". Matt does know that he will be on IV antibiotics for the next 6-8 weeks.Thank god for answered prayers!

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