Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Update on Matt

This was written by Matt's mom... Keep praying please!!

Today has continued to go smoothly and Matt seems to be feeling better with each moment. Has been able to get some rest as no tests outside of routine bloodwork. He will be doing another scan tommorow, looking again for any pockets of infection or additional places where the MRSA has settled into bones or muscles. They added another new antibiotic today but this combination seems to be doing the job. If things continue to go well Matt could be looking at moving to a regular room tommorow! He is starting to eat....is not realy happy with the fact he has gained 22 lbs since he got here, all water weight, he looks like a big mosquito, doctor warned not to let anybody slap him.Thank you all again for your prayers....it really is a miracle the difference between yesterday and today.

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