Monday, March 23, 2009


What a day! Went to the OB today, won't say how much I gained this time! But I didn't gain any 2 times ago and actually lost some the last time, so it all evens out, right? ;o) The doc told me that I am going to have a big baby, he's not concern yet, but he did warn me! NICE.... PLEASE COME EARLY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!! :O)

Also went to the fam doc then after that... I have had a couple of spells where I can't catch my breath. They happen usually when I am sitting and doing NOTHING. It kinda reminds me of an asthma attack, but without the running involved.... I got one when we were in VA, then another one last week. (They don't happen very often either, every couple of months... Don't know when they come or why?) The last one really scared me, I couldn't catch my breath at all!! Usually I can kinda get a couple of breaths through my nose, but not this time. So I went and I seriously have the doc confused. He said it might be heart related? Where my heart stops or skips a beat or two, then that causes my lungs to do what it does. SO.... He is going to set me up to a heart doc and go from there. Sound like he wants to put me on a heart monitor for a month, or if it happens sooner... But I don't know what causes these, or why they happen? So we shall see.. Fun stuff! We do have heart probs on my side of the fam, so it doesn't 100% surprise me, but why now? It is all in God's Hands.

So then I come home and the kids are in bed for nap, yeah, thanks babe! :O) I eat an apple, then our power goes out. NICE!!!!!!! So we were out of power ALLLL afternoon, not sure what happened, but I know I didn't do it! ;o) The kids woke up, took Curt to the airport, and it was still out. The kids are going CRAZY!!!! I need to get some stuff done, but can't b/c we don't have power. So, now that it is on, I am behind on things. Grrr....

I am praying I get the stuff done I want/need to this week, or in the next 2 days. And that Curt has a good week in VA, first time out there as the new DM. Gonna whip some managers into shape! He has his work cut out for him! :o\ Praying that the kids listen and obey, they've not been doing a good job of that! Now, I better go and get supper started so I can start crossing things off my list! ;o)

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