Sunday, March 22, 2009

This and That

Have any of you been to I-80 World's Largest Truck Stop? Well, you need to! :O)
Atleast go check out the women's restroom! They have useless knowledge on the walls! I only managed to get one pic because someone walked in! I didn't think I should be walking around the restroom snapping pics while someone else was in there! Thought it was funny though! :O)

Here are some pics I took from the airplane! These are of MI. I took them so the kids could see we were above the clouds! They thought it was pretty cool! ;o)

Here is a bridge coming from Maryland and entering Virgina. Cost us 3 bucks to cross! WHAT???? Oh well, the joys of not knowing! :O)

Pic's of the daffodil's in bloom at the airport and the flowering dogwood trees, with green grass!!! ;o)

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