Saturday, March 7, 2009


Oh my goodness!!!! I am soooo sick of being sick and having sickness in this house!!!! There has been some form of sickness in this house for 4 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!! Kotah started it and lasted her a good 2 weeks to get over it, then Skylar and Gavin got it about the same time, then I got sick. Then I was better, then I got it again last Friday nite, and it HIT me hard!!!!!
I felt sooo bad because Gavin's birthday was Sunday the 1st and barely had the energy to finish his cake!! It didn't turn out how I wanted, but he LOVED it, so that's all that matters! ;o)
Curt's parents came into town on Monday at lunch time, and I was pretty much out on the couch or upstairs sleeping!!! His mom made supper one time and helped get some lunch around! I felt so bad!!! I wanted them to come and relax, but they both ended up working! Sorry guys!!! :O( George did some touch up paint in the kitchen and dining room for me! THANK YOU!!!! :O)
Anyways... So I had Curt take me to Doctors Now Monday nite, and the doc took a step back when I opened my mouth, seriously! He was like, wow! Your throat is soo red, it has white spots on it, and I haven't seen it go this far in a pregnant lady, but everyone else it has gotten to where you end up with Mono. You have hemorrhages on there as well! I am like, NO!!!!! I can NOT get mono, not only because of the kids, but with everything else going on!!! AHHHH!!!!! So...... He prescribed me an amox to take, 1,000mg 2 times a day. I couldn't start to feel the effect of it until Wednesday nite! It still hurts at times, but I THINK I am getting over it! THEN Wednesday morning before Curt's parents left, I took HIM to the doc. She gave him an amox and something else to help the swelling (Wish I could've gotten me some of that!!!!). He is doing better, not 100% back to normal, but I think we are all getting better!
Thankfully we had some nice weather the other day and I took the kids out to play in the morning and then again after naps! They LOVED being outside!!!! We got Gavin a new bike for Christmas, so he was out trying it out! Skylar and Gavin did get a little muddy, they went up in the yard, even though I told them to stay on the driveway! But that's ok! Skylar actually got stuck in the mud and was like HELP MOM, MOM!!!!!!!! I thought it was kinda funny! I pulled her up and her one shoe still stuck, so she now has some pretty shoes! :O)
Then we got some news..... Will post another post about that! :O)

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