Friday, March 20, 2009

It is Starting!!!!!

Well, it has begun!!!! Curt got a call today and we are in the start of getting the house on the market! I haven't even begun to start painting or cleaning! YIKES!!!!!!!!!! We will have 2 Realtors give us an estimate on the house sometime next week, so that gives me atleast this week-end to pick things up and make it look not so cluttered or messy! Atleast TRY to make it that way!!!! After being sick for so long, then being gone and trying to get some school work and caught up in laundry this week, yikes.... Should be fun!!!
I am off the hook as far as having to have all the painting done before the inspection though! I can tell them what rooms I will be painting and what colors, so that's good! Just need to clean and pick up! That will be fun in the kids rooms! They decided to DESTROY their rooms today! Only got half of it cleaned up before lunch!
Guess I better get off and start getting some stuff done huh? Wish me luck!!!!

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Jenn said...

This is what seems to happen at my house....I will be cleaning one area of the house and when I go to see what the kids are doing, they will have destroyed that area. Gotta love it....