Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gavin's 4th Brithday

Sunday was Gavin's 4th birthday! I am a little late on getting the post out due to being sick and everything else that is going on!!!!
I wanted to have some friends over to help celebrate, but was way to sick, so we just had our own little party. Then when Curt's parents came we all went to Chuck E Cheese's! They had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the workers was going around and "testing" all the games, he left all the tickets in the games, so our kids went around collecting them all!! We pretty much had the place all to ourselves until about 12:15. It started to get a little busy...

Dinos to stick up in the shower and bath!!! He LOVES them!!! (So do the girls! :OP)

My mom and dad got him a tee ball set! He is sooo excited to go outside and play baseball!!!

Kotah picked out a 100 piece Star Wars-Clone Wars puzzle for him! He LOVES to do puzzles!!! :)

Gavin wanted Batman and Joker on top, then he wanted Hulk and Spiderman too... So this is what I came up with! :O)

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Lori Eilers said...

You need to open your own cake shop! You are so creative! I'm praying for a total household healing over there! Spill the other fair putting out the teaser like that.