Monday, March 23, 2009


Good thing we have a membership at Sam's Club!! I get my toilet paper and tissues (among other things...) there. I was getting supper ready and heard Skylar in the bathroom. No biggie right? HA!!!! I then heard something like tissues being pulled out of the box... She had taken each and every tissue out of the box, wiped her nose one time on it and threw it on the floor!!! I made her clean it all up too! (Sorry, didn't get a pic of the mess!!!) This was a fairly new box too! I didn't catch her in time! The rest of the box was gone and none was usable! (I am just thankful it wasn't the butt powder or butt wipes, if you remember what I went through with Gavin! LOL)
So yes, LOVE Sam's Club and bulk baby!!! (But that doesn't justify what she did! :O))

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