Friday, March 20, 2009

Black Mouths

(This happened after Gavin's birthday...)

All the kids were awake and Curt came downstairs to get them some breakfast while I hopped in the shower. Before I could, I hear him talking to Gavin and Skylar. He said, What is all over your mouth? It is all black!!! Gavin said, I dunno... Come to find out, he was handing out the little balls that were on the bottom of his cake. They were hungry!!! (Thankfully it was AFTER we already cut into it, or I would've been SUPER MAD!!!!!!!! :oP)

Another morning, Gavin got into my purse and ate (yes, ate, not chewed, but ate, swallowed it!)all my gum! I had about 7 pieces left and they were all gone but one piece!! Needless to say, he had a tummy ache the rest of the day!!! Taught him to stay out of my purse!!!

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