Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back Home (for now...)

Wow, what a week!!! CRAZY!!!!!!
Last Monday we drove to IN. We left Tuesday morning from the Fort Wayne Airport (If you EVER fly out of there, either - DON'T use the bathroom, OR take your own toilet paper, just a warning... ;oP) Got to Detroit Airport, then onto Richmond, VA. The flights were fine, I didn't like the second one, only because we reached a higher altitude! It feels weird flying when you are that prego! Plus the first time I have ever flown too! (Ok, well, when my brother was in West Virgina, we got to fly on a 4 seater one. I mean that!!! My brother knew someone and we got to take a ride and see the scenery, was pretty...) Got there and found our hotel. I took a nap while Curt did a conference call, then we went to go meet the old DM to have dinner at her place. SUPER GOOD food!!! :o) Then we drove around alllll day Wednesday and checked out some stores and about had a heart attack in some of them! They are need of some MUCH needed work!!!! Let's just say Curt will be busy!!! May be good that we aren't out there right away! We wanted to go check out Virgina Beach, but was to far away and we were both tired of just sitting! We went to Maryland and I really like the town called Waldorf. It was really pretty! Seemed like a quiet town, but yet, it had the Target, Wal-Mart and a mall, and a couple other stores. They don't have Super Target's out there! BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!! :O( It will be weird not being about 10 - 20 minutes from ANYTHING! Out here we are so close to the zoo, science center, mall, Target, etc... But it will be so nice out there!!! ;o) I hear the Washington Zoo is FREE!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!! Gonna be finding that place ASAP!!!!!! :O) And checking out Virgina Beach! I still can't get over the fact that they had daffodils in BLOOM!!! IN MARCH!!!!!!!!!! I told my mom and said she, well, I don't think you should move out there! That nice of weather in March, that's gonna be hard to get used too!! HA!!!!
We then left Thursday. We were supposed to have a 3 hour lay-over in Detroit, but ended up having the lay over in Richmond!!! We flew into Detroit at 4:55, and that's when they started boarding the flight to Fort Wayne... YIKES... But THANKFULLY we flew into Gate c36 and were we boarding at c32, Thank you God!!!! There was NOOO way that I could've gone any further and made it on time! Can you see me now? Running from one end of the airport to the other??? Curt was saying that he would make it home, but I would be stuck there! ;o)
Made it back ok, then onto MI Fri and Sat! We went to visit some friends of ours, then back in time for the "French Fry"!!! (Kotah kept calling it a French Fry, instead of Fish Fry) Curt's parents have a Fish Fry fundraiser every year for the school. I was having a hard time with the smells though! Ever since flying, my sense of smell, wow! Normally fish doesn't bug me that bad... I had a HARD time on the plane too? I don't know why?
Sunday we went to church, had lunch, then left to come home! I about died on Monday! I was soooooo tired!!!!!! I laid around all morning.... Took the girls to Target to get some food for supper, then they all played outside since it was soooo nice!!!!
SOOOO glad for this nice weather! I was going to get some school work done with Kotah, but am letting them just enjoy this nice weather while we have it! Plus the next couple of weeks I am going to be busy with cleaning and sorting and painting... Will start that all next week! Gonna enjoy this week first! :O)
This was the first time that I left the kids! Can you believe that! Ok, other than being in the hospital... But they got to see me during the day and then Curt was with them at nite! Gavin had a hard time the first nite, but did better the second! He was crying on the phone, I want you!!! I want you here! Boy, did I feel bad!!! :o( But he got over it and was fine! So was I! :O)
All in all it was a good week! CRAZY, but good! Am excited to be moving, but sad to leave all our friends here! But we have e-mail and all that good jazz!! :O)

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Lori Eilers said...

Hey, sounds cool! Do you remember Laureen and Devon Hindle? She just moved to Virginia Beach for a new job! All the flowers are popping out here, too. The Bradford Pear trees are gorgeous!