Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Update..

Matt wrote this out tonite on Facebook..... He stil isn't out of the woods yet, but may be better than the last post I wrote out!

A.) Thank you all SO much for your prayers. It's very encouraging, and it's helped to keep me going,Thank you thank you thank you.

B. Here's what's up with my illness: I have MRSA. My particular strain spits out poison into my body like a fire extinguisher. I do not have meningitis. I do not have ecoli. I don't have... erm... whatever it was. The lack of meningitis was a new thing I just found out tonight. What happened was that the staph lodged itself in my back and spread from there, infecting more and more of my body. At this point antibiotics have eliminated my skin rash and they're continuing to be pumped into my body. I do have an IV in my jugular, which sucks... and I'll probably be here for quite a while. But according to doctor Taft, who is my favorite doctor, and who is a specialist on disease, this is what is happening. He also said that I am quite possibly the only person in the five state area with this disease. So I'm lucky he was my doctor.

Thanks again for all your prayers; hopefully I'll be running around with you all in a couple of weeks.

Get some sleep and enjoy your regular beds without people stabbing you in the arm.

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