Sunday, March 8, 2009

99% sure

Sorry PL, I was SERIOUSLY going to get back in here last nite and post this, but got too tired! And was busy getting stuff around!!! :O) Forgive me? ;o)

So, what a week we've had! Not only have I had to deal with sickness the last 4 weeks, Curt has been traveling like CRAZY!!!!!! Seems like he was only home on the week-ends! That's why he didn't get sick until just now! He was home long enough to catch it!!!! The first week of Feb he was in Atlanta for some SUPER FUN DM Conferences. The next week he went out to Denver to take care of the some things from the old DM and meet all the new managers he picked up, PLUS have a couple hour meeting with them! FUN!!!!! Then the 3rd week, he was traveling with his boss, Mr Gary (as the kids call him!). That's when the fun started!!! He called me Tuesday morning that week and told me that Gary's boss called him about something. I am like, do I need to sit down? What's going on? Curt was like whatever. I am thinking, oh man, what's going on? So I sit down and he tells me that the DM over in the Washington, D.C area has resigned. (I already know what's coming!) The big head dude wants Curt to take over this region. (He has already turned the numbers around on the CO stores in just the 3 weeks he has had them! Remember, they were on the BOTTOM of the company!) So long story short, after another long week of not knowing what's going on.... I get sick all over again Fri, Curt's parents come, then they leave Wed, and we finally get the answer to everything. They accept everything we asked of and we accept everything they want, the only thing we want before we say yes is to fly out there and check out the area to make sure that's where God wants us. So, we are leaving tomorrow after my doc appointment to go to IN, drop the kiddos off at my parents, and fly out of IN on Tuesday morning. We fly back Thursday nite.
Why take this over? Hmmm.... Let's just say that Curt would be gone maybe 3 to 4 nites a MONTH instead of the anywhere from 3 to 5 nites (depending on where he has to go too) a WEEK!!! Plus, Family will move us out there and we would get a raise. So... Yeah... I am LOVING the fact that he would be home pretty much every evening!!!! We would live in the Richmond or Fredricksburg area. Not sure yet. We are telling people it is 99% sure that we will move out there.
The kids and I won't move until this baby is born, which is 9 1/2 weeks away!! AHHH!!!! Family will fly Curt out for up to 6 months AFTER we say yes, so until Sept. He would fly out Mon and be back Thurs or Fri. That part will kinda stink b/c I will be here trying to get everything ready so we can put the house up on the market! (anybody want to buy a house??? :O)) I THINK I can handle that? :O
Another reason they want Curt, this District is the MOST under performing District in the company. As I said before, he is known for taking the bottom stores and turning them around. Pretty cool and scary all at the same time knowing that the HEAD GUY wants Curt out there!
We are just praying that this is where God wants us and not just what we want. So, we will get to go and check it all out and go from there. I am telling people, I am going to take a day at a time, that's all I can do!!!
It is going to be hard to move, we've made so many friends out here, but yet, it will be sooo much better for us as a family!
Pray that the kids do ok with everything too! I kinda for-warned them that the cats can't come with us! I am sorry, but I am NOT traveling 2 days with them! It was enough to just bring them from MI to here!! (anybody want 2 cats? Female, 8 1/2 years old, declawed in the front....) Plus Gavin says he doesn't want to move. But the other day in the car just out of the blue he says, I want to take Madagascar 2 mom. I said take it where honey? Oh, and I have to take Lighting McQueen too mom! I said where bubby? When we move! Then the next minute, he is not ok with it again. But I don't think he totally understands that we will take EVERYTHING with us (well, except the cats, and I am not going to talk to him about that one again for a little bit!)
So, yeah... Fun week we've had! And I am not so sure it will get any slower!!!!


Jena said...

We're here for you! Let us know HOW we can help!!! We love you guys so much and hope and pray for the best :D We will sure miss you!!!

Lori Eilers said...

Wow, God's favor rests upon the faithful! Congrats and I'm excited for you all as a family. But that does make you farther from a TN visit. Or does it...must check Google! Wish I were ther to help pack boxes. Love ya'll!

Jenn said...

Oh my! I'm excited for you but sad at the same time, sorry to be selfish. I have always said I can't imagine how you do it with Curt being gone so much, so I totally get it. Just as a side note, we temporarily lived in Virginia for about 6 months, back in 02. It is so beautiful there. We were in Leesburg for a short time, but then for the other 5 1/2 months we lived in Charlottesville. Such a nice town, and lots for families. We wish you the best, please let me know if theres anything I can do, REALLY!

Angela said...

I'm so excited for you guys. Wish I was there to help.
I can tell you from experience that the kids will do great! Kids are so resillient ... and HOME is where you are all together. They will be so thrilled with having daddy home more - and as parents, its so easy (especially at their ages) to make it exciting and focus them on the positives! My poor kids have moved around so much and I'm always amazed at the way God protects them!
I also want to say that I second Jenn and Jena on an earlier post about you being an amazing, wonderful, beautiful friend!!! I MISS YOU!!!!
Oh, and SO proud of Curt! God has gifted him and its so cool to see him using those talents!
One last thing ... we're planning a bd party for Jake and Jadyn and Jake asked me if you could make him another Spider Man cake. Ahh. Don't I wish!