Thursday, March 12, 2009

100% Sure

Well, Curt and I are stuck in the airport right now... Richmond, atleast it is somewhat nice! :O) We were supposed to be stuck in Detroit, but stuck here instead... Oh well, the joys of flying huh?
Anyways... Curt and I checked out the area, we drove ALLLLL over!!! It is sooo nice out here! Yesterday it was 80d!!! NICE!!!!!! The flowers are all in bloom!!! Double nice... So, Curt made the call yesterday to the big boss to tell him that he accepts the position!!! So, after the baby is born, and we sell our house, we will be moving out here somewhere! Still not 100% sure where, but somewhere close to D.C. The traffic isn't all that bad here either. ;o) Now it may be a little worse at 5:00ish, but we were told that it atleast moves! May only be 30 MPH, but atleast it moves! The only downfall for Curt is that the fuzz buster is illegal here, cops are EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!!! Also, speed enforcement by aircraft as well out here... hee hee hee ;o)
He will official be flying back and forth every week starting next Sunday. So, the fun begins! ;o)
Going to take a day at a time...


Jenn said...

Also I think if I remember correctly using a cell phone while driving is also illegal. You should stay in Iowa, laws are much more lax. Just kidding, totally happy for your family, I know what ever it took to keep my family together more. Let me know I would be more than happy to help with anything!

Angela said...

Congrats again! Guess God is going to break Curt of speeding ... and FAST! Ha!
So excited for you guys.

Lori Eilers said...

I'll be praying all comes together. Des Moines will miss you.