Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why Don't They Go To Church???

In the van we have the most interesting convo's!!!
Today Gavin asked me, "Mom, why don't everybody go to church?" (Ya gotta say it in his voice! LOL)
I said, well, some people don't know Jesus... And before I could say anything more, Kotah pipes in and says, yeah and some people just like to stay in bed and sleep and eat, right mom? I said yes honey. She then goes on and says, Well, I am gonna get me a microphone, cause I REALLY like them, and I am gonna stand on something tall and tell EVERYONE that they need to go to church so they can learn about Jesus. AND if they want to eat, they can come to our church, 'cause we eat at our church, right mom? I said, yes, one week a month we eat at church. (Yes, it is a run-on sentence, but that's how she said it!)
Gavin was like, oh, ok.
Kids.... I tell ya. ;o)

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