Friday, September 12, 2008

Skylar is 2!!!!!!!!!

Oh my! Where had the time gone? My baby is 2!!! In a way I am glad she is growing up, but then again sad!!!
I made her a Care Bear cake, she has been into Care Bears lately! Note to self though, NEVER NO MATTER HOW BUSY you are the week of her b-day, do NOT EVER wait until the DAY OF to go get the rest of the stuff for the cake!!!! I was SERIOUSLY beginning to panic!!! I had gotten her some little Care Bear figures a while ago and planned on getting more to go on the cake. Well earlier this week, I taught Sunday, Monday made dinner for all of Curt's managers, they came over here for dinner, I should say! :O) (Did I mention that there were 16 of them too?) Then Tuesday I made them lunch, that was also Curt and I's 8th anniversary! Happy Anniversary babe! Then Wednesday, I totally crashed! (The week before was working on the yard and house to make it look decent! ;o)) Thursday I made the cakes, did some laundry. Today, went to the store to get some much needed food, while at Target, looked for the presents and Care Bear figures, where I had gotten them before. NONE to be found. I am like ok, let's just go over to Wal-Mart, see what they have. NONE!!!!!!!!!! But we did get the presents there! :O) Then we went over to Creative Kids Stuff to see if they MAYBE had anything like that, NONE!!! Then onto the party store right there, they didn't even carry Care Bear plates!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! So by that time, it was almost lunch. So we came home, fed the kids, then I did a crumb coating on the bottom layer of the cakes. Put the kids down for a nap and I left to go find what I was looking for! Or to try and figure out Plan B, which by the way, there was NONE!!!!!! :O) So I start off at Toys R Us, nope, but did find something for Skylar for Christmas, pick that up and leave. Then I go over to Factory Card Outlet to see if they have ANYTHING, nope. Ok, I am starting to stress out a little here! It is 2:00pm and don't know what plan b is!!!! Then I run into Kohl's, thinking, they have some toys in the back, just MAYBE they will have SOMETHING, nope... Then I run into Once Upon a Child, just MAYBE they will have something as well, NOPE!!!!!!! I am like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, yes, once again! TRYING NOT to panic, I still have NOOOOO idea what Plan B would or could be!!?!?!? What else is she into that I can make it fly? So next stop K-Mart. I go to the toy section, look though ALLLLL the isles, I do NOT want to miss it if they have ANYTHING! At this point, I am ready to buy a stuffed one, oh wait, they don't even have those!!!! GRRR............... So the VERY last isle, what do I see! CARE BEARS!!!!!!!!! They have 3 packages of what I was looking for left! SWEET!!! Guess what, each one was different!!!!!! Double SWEET!!!!!!!!! So I bought all 3 of them and colored twizzlers for the rainbow and run outta there and back home to finish! It didn't take long to finish the cake, thankfully! It was SUPER easy! I got it done in about an hour! Just a note, NEVER no matter how busy you are, do NOT wait until the day of to get the rest of the stuff for a cake, you know what, they may just not have what you are looking for!!! I couldn't believe I couldn't find anything Care Bear, guess it is going back out of style again... Oh well, I am good! I found what I was looking for and Skylar loved the cake, that's all that matters!!!
Happy Birthday sugar! I love you!!! Mommy TOTALLY stressed over this cake for you! But LOVED making it!!! ;o)

Didn't 100% like how the rainbow turned out, but still pretty cool if I do say so myself! :O) I wanted it more curved, but you know that rainbow twizzlers have a mind of their own? ;o)

What is it?

Tinkerbell toy!!! ;o) Kotah picked this one out for her!

Gavin picked out this toy... A pet shop, came with little pets and all kinds of other little goodies! ;o)

Care Bear movie!!!

Notice how the foot goes up to help hold the present? ;o)

RIPPING the paper off!

This thing is SWEET!!!!!!!!!!! It is an AquaDoodle! It is a huge mat, and then a pen that you put water in. VERY nice! Skylar LOVES it, so do the other 2!!! :O)

Playing with the new Fisher Price Pet Shop!

Blowing out the candles! Didn't even need any help!

Don't think they enjoyed the cake!!! ;o)

I love this one of her! She "helped" hold the camera.. That's why the one side is dark! Oh well, still so cute! Look at those eyes!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That cake ROCKS! You are so talented! Happy Birthday Skylar! She looks so big with her hair down! :)

Jena said...

happy birthday skylar! great job on the cake, mommy!!

Lori Eilers said...

Happy Birthday Skylar! She'll be in Creek Kids before you know it! Great cake.

Jenn said...

Cale will love that cake, I have to remember to show him the picture. To Shawn's horror Cale likes the CareBears quite a lot.

Sandy May said...

Wow - I remember her 1st bday! Can it be she is already 2? BTW - If you let Kota on the website - have a great one for you. Disney's Tink and her Fairy friends collect things to give to other fairies and fly around in Pixie Hollow! Adele loves it!