Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Little Football Player

The kids and I went to Sioux City with Curt these last couple of days. He has a store out there that is doing a remodel and needed our ladder. Well, it won't fit in Curt's car, so I was like, hey, we'll bring it out in the van, just take 2 of the kids in your car and I'll take the other one. ;o) So we left Monday, Skylar and I in the van with the ladder and Curt and the other 2 in his car. ;o)
Tuesday nite before supper, I took the kids over to the mall and we walked through Scheels. I saw these cute little football helmets and was like, hey try this on! So I got the smallest one and it wouldn't even fit on Skylar's head! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!! I tried pounding it down, NOPE!!! So after trying a couple different sizes, I went to the biggest one and put it on Gavin, it FIT!!! It was HARD to get off though too! But anyways... I got my camera out of my purse, took his pic, put the camera back in my purse, closed it up and got the helmet off Gavin's big head. I noticed this employee was following me. I kept stopping to look at stuff before heading to the door to see if he really was. Sure enough, he would stop DEAD and "pretend" to do something to different racks. Ok, I've worked retail, I know how to straighten racks and I know when someone if being followed. I must say, this guy did a VERY poor job of following me, unless he wanted me to know he was! :O) So I got to the door, walked out and he FOLLOWED me out the door and part way to my car before turning around to go back in! I am like what? Is it a crime to try on a football helmet and take a pic? I almost said something to him, but I was a good girl and didn't say anything. It was a decent mall, all except for the employee that followed me out of the Scheels store...
Here's Gavin... Isn't he cute???? ;o)

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