Saturday, August 2, 2008

Library Fun

I signed Kotah and Gavin into the West Des Moines Summer Reading log this year. When you turned your log in, you got some prizes. One of the prizes was tickets for the Summer Reading Carnival. They picked out face painting and then Gavin played one game. Then they got cotton candy. First time Skylar had the stuff! Wish I would've had my camera with me! The look on her face with that first bite!!! But boy did she LOVE it!!!! :O) When we got home I took pic's of their lovely faces. We went to the mall tonite and they got some stares because it was still on their faces!!!! They had a bath, so it is all clean for church! :O)
Oh, another prize they got we 2 tickets each for a Cubs game this Monday nite! SWEET!!! Can't pass up free tickets!!!! We thought it will be a GREAT way to see how they do! We thought about going this year, but just haven't gotten around to getting tickets, so now we can go!!!

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Jena said...

Mandy that is soo cute! I loved this whole page of is good to finally have time to see what everyone has been up to :)