Monday, August 25, 2008

Kotah's 1st 2 loose Teeth

Wednesday nite we were at my parents and Kotah went over to my mom and said my tooth! My mom looked in her mouth and saw a tooth growing behind her baby teeth! Then Kotah came over to me and I checked it out, then went to see if her teeth were loose and the front 2 are!!! I said, oh you are going to loose your teeth!!! :O) She looked at me smiling, then the smile went away after I said that. She was like uh, what? I said remember we talked about that? You are supposed to loose these teeth and are going to get new ones! One is already coming in!!! She was ok with that then! :O) She has been wiggling and wiggling those teeth! Telling everyone that she needs to eat some apples and keep wiggling it so it comes out!!!

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Sandy May said...

Adele will be so jealous when she hears this because she wants sooooo bad to have wiggly teeth and lose them! I can't wait to hear what the tooth fairy will bring.