Sunday, August 17, 2008

Home Again

Ahhh... Home again! ;o)
I survived the trip out there, a little longer than I hoped, but it went ok! The kids did pretty good on the trip out there. I think they were so excited to see everyone that's why! :O)
The trip back seemed longer because they were all very tired! Including mommy! ;o) But we made it back ok! Got in, got everything unloaded and some stuff put away. Now just need to get back into the routine of things!
We had such a GREAT time with family! We celebrated Kotah's b-day Thursday (which was her actual b-day) and then Skylar opened her presents. Her b-day is Sept 12th, but not sure if family will be able to come out here! :o(
We went to an Amish petting zoo. Well, kinda petting zoo. I guess the only thing you could pet were horses, the reindeer, goats and deer if they got close enough. They also had a small pen of 3 white rabbits. The guy told Curt and I we could put Skylar in there if we wanted, he said that's what it is for! So we did!!! She loved it! But we took her out before she scared the poor bunnies! :o) The older kids got to ride a camel, they thought that was the COOLEST!!!! ;o) They also had a Siberian Tiger, Bengal Tiger, lion, buffalo, horses, llamas, an albino raccoon, cougar, baby cougars, 2 black bears, 2 baby black bears, pheasants... Just to name a few... These pheasants were sooo pretty! I've never seen a bright colored one! They had 2 different ones that had bright colors on it with a hood that was black and white. Great place! Definitely going to go back!
I took my camera, but I forgot my charger for it! So I just basically took pic's of the party! :o) It is charging right now, so I will get pic's up here hopefully later today, or this coming week!
Now I must go get the munchkins some breakfast! I was thinking before I left and bought a new gallon of milk for the kids and Skylar, put a already made casserole in the freezer, have a couple frozen pizza's and fresh eggs. Plus bread. I think that is enough to get us through til Monday when I actually will have SOME energy to get out! :O) Just didn't think we would want to get back in the van to go get some food! :O)

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