Thursday, August 14, 2008


I went to Wal-Mart this morning REALLY fast to go get diapers for Skylar, I seriously ran out! TOTALLY!!!! Even used the ones from the diaper bag... I forgot to get them yesterday when we were out... opps... So, went over there and of course, they have NONE! Grrr.... The whole way through the store, the kids are fighting and arguing... I am like you are gonna get a butt whooping when we get home, AFTER we go over to Target. I should've gone over there first, but I had a coupon for the BIG boxes, and Target doesn't carry the BIG ones... Anyways... So more fighting the 2 seconds it takes to get over there. Then once I finally get them in the store, they are tripping me because they are fighting about who's going to walk where and how close to me! i was carrying Skylar and I about fell over them twice!!! I am like, ok, there's goes another privilege!!!! I WAS going to let them watch the movie we got from the library again tonite, but am thinking not. Of course, I know they are itching to see daddy and Grandpa's and Grandma's!!! We are probably leaving tomorrow, IF it isn't raining and can get everything done before then! Still need to do laundry......
So, right now my kids are both in their rooms and have been for 10 minutes! Now if I can only keep Skylar happy and off the kitchen counter tops.. Yes, you read right, she keeps taking a chair from the dining room and scoots it over to the kitchen. I keep getting her down and she keeps going at it!
I think I need a vacation BEFORE we leave!!! Man, how many hours in the car by myself with the kids!?!?!? Right now, not looking so swell!!!! It will be better tomorrow, right? :o)

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Mindy said...

Good Luck traveling! :) I hope it goes great!!!! :)