Saturday, August 30, 2008

1st Tooth, GONE!!!!!!

Well, it FINALLY happened!! Kotah lost her 1st tooth, with the help of me. ;o) We tried to get her to turn it around before her nap, but she wouldn't bite the bullet to get it out! I also kinda bribed her and told her she could go in my class if she got it out! ;o) Then before the movie, Gavin tried to wiggle it, and he popped another string. So it is LITERALLY hanging by ONE STRING!!! But again, she would NOT turn it. (I was the same way, drove my parents NUTS!!!!!!! :O)) I told her, she couldn't go to bed until that tooth was out, she might swallow it or choke on it. I told her to come sit on my lap and I went to see how far I could turn it, and I turned it and out it came!!!! She was like, huh? I said, ok let's go rinse your mouth out, it is bleeding a little. She was like what? I am bleeding! She is starting to freak out a little. But I told her, remember, it will bleed just a TINY bit and then go away, but let's rinse it out, ok? She was fine with that. So we then called the Grandpa's and Grandma's to tell them the good news!!!

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